Earth’s Dawn

Released on PS4 November 1, 2016 & Xbox One Digital (In select Regions) 

Coming to Steam December 7, 2016


“Developed by Oneoreight and previously released in Japan under the name Earth Wars, Earth’s Dawn mixes fast-paced, side-scrolling 2D action game mechanics, unique dark-edge anime visuals, and deep RPG-like systems. For fans of the action genre, Earth’s Dawn offers instantly accessible combat mechanics with further intricacy built into directional attacks, evades and combos. Upon this foundation Earth’s Dawn creates additional layers of complexity with an unrivaled skill-tree and crafting system for weapons, armour and accessories.” ~Press Release

Official Trailer:


The combat system is a mix between button smashing & learning combos. (You unlock various attack combos as the game progresses.) As a player this game can be a very rewarding experience or a draining one, it just depends on your personality. It was a lot of fun lowering enemy’s life then doing a special finishing move. You also have a charge bar which upon being full unleashes an other worldly attack doing massive amounts of damage! The feedback in the controller can be quite nice when being attacked and I really enjoyed mowing down enemies.


A large portion of your experience in Earth’s Dawn will be grinding for items & skills. With loads of missions to choose from you would think the game would feel diverse unfortunately with repeating backgrounds even if the goal is different you still feel like you are doing the same thing. (Which to be fair is a classic trait of JRPG’s.) You will be using these items to craft an array of Body Armor & Weapons, you can later enhance your weapons. You can also dismantle your weapons & materials.

Then of course you have the campaign. One of the more unique aspects of Earth’s Dawn is the timer between portions of the campaign. As you do side quest you lower the timer & eventually trigger the next bout to move the campaign forward. I really liked this aspect as it gives you a sense of urgency to have better gear as the timer gets closer to the larger battle.


Earth’s Dawn has a very artistic look to it. During cut scenes of dialogue you get these beautiful anime style set pieces. During game play you have a body with a big head and battle an array of gruesome looking monsters. The Big Boss designs are massive and epic with a lot of detail. The art style of this game alone makes it worth a playthrough for any JRPG fan.



This is a Japanese import with English subs so all of the spoken dialogue is in Japanese. The voice acting sounds great. (I barley know conversational Japanese, FYI.) The musical score is very much my taste a blend of rock and electronica. From the sounds of bullets & swords to monsters the game covers it all very well.


I don’t really want to offer spoilers. I will just say if you enjoy this style of gameplay & you enjoy Alien Invasions then you should finish this game satisfied.



No multiplayer but there is a leaderboard.

In Summation

Earth’s Dawn is a nice throwback to JRPG’s & Sidescrollers. I grew up with both of these genres so for me I felt right at home but this game is very niche given its repetitive nature. I do feel the story & music carry the game well enough. I’m going to give Earth’s Dawn a 7.5/10. I would have liked to see a greater variety of attacks & maps. Also, while I personally enjoyed the timer between bouts of the campaign it should have been optional for those looking to speed run through the story. If the trailer peaks your interest and gameplay experience I described is up your ally then definitely pick it up because you won’t be disappointed with the MSRP of $29.99. If the JRPG grind isn’t your thing but you still like the art-style & music it’s still not a bad price point. That aside I don’t really see Earth’s Dawn being an entry game for people in regards to JRPG’s & Sidescroller Action Adventures. Start with Super Metroid & Final Fantasy IV on SNES, then slide into Earth’s Dawn.

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